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Rolled tube diameter 95x80 mm seamless precision steel
  • Rolled tube diameter 95x80 mm seamless precision steel
  • Rolled tube diameter 95x80 mm seamless precision steel

Rolled tube diameter 95x80 mm seamless precision steel

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Products: Seamless precision steel pipes for the manufacture of liners of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to wholesale from the manufacturer in Russia Lipetsk region.

Manufacturer: LLC "EVK"
- external 95 mm;
- internal: 80 mm;
Length: up to 8 meters

Payment form: 100% advance payment

Shipment form: FCA / EXW - Russian Federation, Lipetsk region, Yelets

Products are manufactured according to quality standards: E355 according to EN 10305 - 1 ISO H8 

Chemical composition of steel 

steel grade  C, % Мn, % Si, 96  R, % S, %
ST52 (E 355), DIN 2393 (EN 10305 - 2)  0.17 - 0.22 1.2 - 1.60 max. 0.40   max. 0.025
E355  0.17 - 0.19 1.2 - 1.6 max 0.45 max 0.008 max 0.025


Mechanical properties of steel 

steel grade oh, MPa from, MPa 5.00%
E355 ( + SR) 590 435 ten

The precision rolled tube for hydraulic systems has the following characteristics :

  • high mechanical strength and is able to withstand very intense loads;
  • a large resource of wear resistance;
  • stability of the characteristics of the inner and outer surfaces (diameter, straightness, roughness).


The pipes produced correspond to the following parameters:

Surface roughness

ND - According to the manufacturer's specifications

VD - Pipes bored and polished by rollers Ra≤0.22

Honed pipes: Ra≤0.40

After the final inspection, all products are carefully packed and placed on pallets. Air bubble film is used as packaging material, which provides a high degree of protection.

Options for the diameter of rolled pipes:

  • 60x50
  • 65x50
  • 75x63
  • 78x63
  • 80x70
  • 85x70
  • 90x80
  • 92x80
  • 95x80
  • 105x90
  • 115x100
  • 120x100
  • 125x100
  • 125x110
  • 127x110
  • 130x110
  • 140x125
  • 145x125
  • 165x140
  • 170x150
  • 185x160
  • 210x180
  • 230x200 

LLC "EVK". One of the significant activities of the company is its own production of precision seamless and welded rolled pipes designed for the manufacture of liners for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Seamless cold - drawn and welded pipes made of high - quality steel grade E355 + SR in accordance with EN 10305 - 1 (DIN 2391), EN 10305 - 2 are used as blanks. The inner surface with the necessary requirements is obtained by rolling.

We also want to offer:

- chrome rods;

- chrome - plated hollow rods;

- hydraulic pipes;

- shafts of linear movement;

- hydraulic cylinders and their components (eyes, forks, rear covers, etc. )

- sealing elements rod, piston, static of Italian production by Guarnitek Group, Chinese production of Xingtai Dede and others;

- tool for mounting and dismounting of seals (RTI) manufactured by SEALTOOL LTD;

- quick disconnect couplings (BRS);

- bushings;

- filter;

- hydraulic motors;

- distributors;

- rotary support devices;

- spare parts for undercarriage for tracked vehicles;

- AL bearings for hydraulic cylinders and much more.

We guarantee:

- high - quality manufacturing of our products;

- affordable prices;

- fast delivery times;

- an individual approach to everyone;

- qualified assistance on all issues of interest.

Information is up-to-date: 03.06.2021

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